We hope you will invest in our ministry with BPO, Intl. We are excited about the many opportunities that God brings our way to offer our gifts to honor Him and help others. Your investment helps us to provide seminars, retreats, group coaching sessions, one-on-one coaching sessions, as well as, writing and research material. Thanks for your prayerful consideration in sharing in our calling.


Questions you may have about investing in our ministry:

1. When I contribute to your ministry, what am I investing in?

OUTREACH. Each environment of teaching and counseling is designed to provide a relational context to hear the Gospel.

DISCIPLESHIP. The goal of our ministry is to help each person involved in any group setting or private meeting to take the next step toward full maturity.

LEADERSHIP. You will not grow to full maturity until you begin to take responsibility for another’s growth. We are working to help you be a spiritual leader.

We are working through numerous individual appointments, small group settings, and various seminars, workshops, and retreats to facilitate experiential environments of growth.

2. Are contributions tax deductible?

YES. BPO Intl. is a 501(c) 3 organization. All financial gifts are tax deductible. Each contribution will be met with a “THANK YOU” and additional envelope for future investments. At year end, you will receive a receipt and accounting of all your gifts for filing your taxes.

3. How are you compensated?

Business & Professional Outreach Intl. – The Executive Board of BPO has established a budget for all staff members which covers salary, ministry expenses, and administrative charges. We are responsible to develop a TEAM of committed friends who contribute financially to this ministry in order to meet our fixed budget requirements.

4. If I contribute now, what expectations do you have of me in the future?

The hope is that whatever financial commitment you can make now to our ministry would be an annual pledge. When our financial budget is secure, we are free to devote our energies toward people’s hearts.

5. What is the average contribution?

Gifts to our ministry reflect a wide range of investments. The following are the general categories of giving.

$250.00 per month / $3000.00 annually

$100.00 per month / $1200.00 annually

$50.00 per month / $600.00 annually

The average gift is $100.00 per month / $1200.00 annually.

You can donate to Phil & Karla Hardin with BPO intl. by clicking below:

*Or by sending a check to Business & Professional Outreach, Intl. | P.O. Box 958 | Clinton, MS 39060
*Or if you would like to set up monthly automatic donation withdrawals, please contact Alison Custer at

You can Donate to Dina Previti by clicking below:

  • Or by sending a check to Business & Professional Outreach, Intl. | P.O. Box 958 | Clinton, MS 39060
  • Or if you would like to set up monthly automatic donation withdrawals, please contact Alison Custer at


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