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Individual and Relationship Counseling

Life is often not easy. We are sometimes challenged and confronted by devastating traumatic events, grief, past issues, overwhelming feelings, mental illness and losses that leave us at a standstill. Other times we are held back by bad habits or fears that keep us from moving forward and truly living our lives to their fullest potential.

Sometimes we need help in making those changes, moving through the hard times, or we just need the experience of being heard.  Within the therapeutic relationship, we help create the space where it is possible for you to feel the comfort, security and relief to express what is real for you.  We can also help you make significant changes in your life and help in reducing or even eliminating the stressful symptoms that can make what is happening seem so much more difficult.

We can help you with personal, marital or relationship issues within the home and work place.

· Bad Habits · Fears · Parenting · Team Building · Conflict Resolution · Life Direction · Men’s Issues · Interviewing · Coaching · Depression · Communication Skills · Grief · Anxiety · Intimacy  · Addiction

Philip K. Hardin, M.A., M.Div.

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Licensed Professional Counselor

Karla S. Hardin, M.S.

Licensed Professional Counselor

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