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Reel 2 Real is a place ……

for men to gather, encourage one another in friendship and faith, and to support each other to be better husbands, fathers — and better men — in the marketplace and in our community. The format will be stimulating to all men, regardless of spiritual, emotional, or relational understanding or need. The sessions involve coaching, counseling, and studying the Bible. Each Friday morning will begin with a video clip to stimulate discussion and reflection and ends with a Biblical framework to consider.

Join us Friday mornings at 6:45 to 7:45 am, located at Page & Palette, Click for directions

“Phil Hardin’s Friday morning men’s coaching meeting is a great opportunity for men to be challenged and encouraged by Phil’s creative, down to earth, faith based teaching. You will be equipped to be the man God made you to be. You will be challenged and stretched to confront issues that we as men face on a daily basis. You will find yourself experiencing progress where you previously were ‘stuck.’ You will discover genuine community with other men who gather each week and honestly talk about life. I am very grateful Phil Hardin is in he Baldwin County area and would encourage you to take advantage of his weekly Real to Reel men’s coaching meetings.” Pat Davey

 “I find the Friday morning meeting a great time to be with other men, put aside distractions, and get focused on what’s important in life and what’s important for me as a man. I have recommended it to others and would recommend it to you. It’s on my schedule so when you come I will see you there.” Dan Mosely

Men’s Coaching Community Night

A monthly meeting for men to gather, discuss life and build strong bonds with one another. Date to be announced.

We will have Dinner together, then Group time with a video clip.  We will work together to hear from God and one another. Come Prepared — Bring your Bible, Journal, and YOUR HEART … expect to HEAR from God … LISTEN! HE will speak … HE may even speak through YOU



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